Best of 2016 PACTRIMS

We are pleased to announce there are 151 Ordinary Abstracts submission this year.   The abstracts will be printed in hard copy and distributed to registered delegates at our annual meeting. And will be published in a special supplementary section of the Multiple Sclerosis Journal at a later date in the coming months. 


This year we have the following awards for encouraging young investigators. 

1) MSJ-PACTRIMS Young Investigator Best Poster Award (sponsored by MSJ)

     Gongbu Pan (Australia)

2) MSJ-PACTRIMS Investigator Award (sponsored by MSJ)

    Koji Shinoda (Japan)

3) PACTRIMS Young Investigator Award (sponsored by PACTRIMS)

     Owain Hedd Williams (United Kingdom)

4) PACTRIMS Investigator Award (sponsored by PACTRIMS)

     Su-Hyun Kim (Republic of Korea)

5) PACTRIMS Best Poster Award (sponsored by PACTRIMS)

     Kai-Bin Shi (China)