Abstract Submission

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Abstracts are now being accepted at the 13th PACTRIMS Virtual Congress 2021.  Submission deadline is 17 September 2021 at 2359hrs (+8 GMT).  A step by step guide will be provided for you when you log in. 

We strongly advise that you log in and create an account now.  There are several items that you would need to take note of.  By logging in to your account, you would also understand the process and requirements of submission. This is important. You could still make changes until 17 September.

Abstracts could be submitted in the following areas: 

Research Reports

Completed original research on pharmacologic agents, therapeutic issues and innovative services or outcomes of service provided to the MS patient population.


These posters represent currently ongoing, uncompleted studies.  The author may discuss preliminary results of the studies, provided the research methods have been validated. Topics may include clinical drug studies, therapeutic issues, innovative services and outcomes.

Case Studies

An evidence-based treatment and management of a patient from the author’s clinical practice with an uncommon presentation and/or clinically challenging scenario, emphasising steps taken to maximise the likelihood of an optimal outcome.

Repeat Presentations

These posters represent findings that have been presented at other meetings but contain information of interest to clinicians who care for MS patients.  These completed studies need to be original research on pharmacologic issues, therapeutic considerations, innovative services or outcomes related to MS.  

The best entries will be selected for the following awards: 

  • PACTRIMS Investigator Award 
  • PACTRIMS Young Investigator Award
  • PACTRIMS Best Poster Award
  • MSJ-PACTRIMS Investigator Award
  • MSJ-PACTRIMS Young Investigator Best Poster Award
  • PACTRIMS Best Case Presentation Award
  • PACTRIMS Best Case Presentation Award

We look forward to your active participation! 


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Michael Barnett


PACTRIMS Scientific Committee 2021