Abstract Submission Guidelines

• Abstracts must be submitted by 13 September 2019, 23:59 hours GMT+8.
• Faxed or post-mailed copies of abstracts will not be accepted. Please indicate the age and position in the organisation of the first presenting author.
• Key in all your personal details under the abstract submission page and upload a Microsoft Word document of your abstract. An acknowledgment will be sent to you upon successful uploading of the abstract, while the final acceptance notice will be sent more than a month prior to the actual meeting.
• Submission of an abstract does not constitute registration for the congress. Presenters are required to register for the congress separately.
• The publication of an abstract is subject to the registration of the main author or credited co-author for the congress.
Typography / Format
• The abstract must be original, submitted in Microsoft Word document format, in the following sequence 1 to 6:
1. Title
2. Background
3. Objective
4. Methods
5. Results
6. Conclusions
• Use UK spelling. All abbreviations must be clearly defined at least once.
• Type the title in bold using title case (eg. The Title Should be Written Like This)
• Text must be typewritten in black using the Times New Romans font, size 12.
• The length of the text, excluding title, affiliation, should not exceed 250 words. Figures, tables and references should NOT be included in the abstract.
• Leave one blank line between the affiliation and the beginning of the abstract text.
Contributing Authors
• The first author listed should be the presenting author.
• Use initials for first and middle names.
• When more than one author is listed, use superscript numbers to match the authors and their respective institutions.
• The list of authors should be followed by the list of the authors’ institutions, city or state and country in italics.
• Any conflict of interest with regards to the abstract/poster should be declared at submission.
Notification of Accepted Abstracts
• Authors of accepted abstracts will be informed by early October, 2019.
• Authors of accepted abstracts are required to print their own poster, adhering to PACTRIMS’ specifications of the poster.
• Authors who are shortlisted for the Best Poster Prize will also have to prepare a 5-minute stage presentation.
• The secretariat has the right not to entertain any changes in abstract content upon submission.
Legal Disclaimer
• Abstracts are subject to approval by the Scientific Committee and will only be accepted upon full registration of the author for the PACTRIMS 2019 Congress.
• The Scientific Committee reserves the right to edit the abstract for publication purposes.
• By submitting your abstract, you (and all the authors involved) agree to have it possibly edited, included and published in the PACTRIMS 2019 abstract book; and release the PACTRIMS organising, scientific and local committee and Secretariat team from all responsibility for the continued accuracy of the information and any withholding copyright issue of the data or information contained within.

We look forward to welcoming you at the 12th PACTRIMS Congress!